State Representative Application Form

The purpose of an AAENP State Representative is to support the Mission and Values statements of the organization.  They represent the members of the organization acting as a conduit of information between membership, Regional Directors and the Board. 

Essentials role responsibilities:

  • Acts as a resource regarding individual state practice nuances.
  • Monitors regulatory issues within the state.
  • Forwards concerns or issues to Regional Directors and/or Board of Directors.
  • Assists AAENP to establish relationships with academic and healthcare institutions within the state.
  • Assists the Regional Directors in identifying educational opportunities within their region that would be of value to the membership.
  • Available for Regional Meetings.
  • Actively recruits new members within the State.
  • Collaborates with professional health organizations and academic institutions within their state.
  • Assists with the development of the State Representative Role.
  • Seek information from their Regional Director or Board of Directors when faced with an organizational question to which they do not know the answer.

Qualifications:  Nurse Practitioner Member in good standing and is willing to represent the organization.  

Current Vacancies, as of Jan 17, 2019:

  • Western: (HI, ID, MT, NM, UT) 
  • Midwestern: (SD)
  • South Central: (AR)
  • Southeast: (KY)
  • Northeast: (CT, DE, NH, ME, WV)


  Academic/Tertiary Care
  Critical Access