Professional Opportunities

Whether you are an experienced provider or a novice to the profession, there are many things to consider when you are evaluating an individual position or company to for potential long-term employment.

The most important considerations in acceptaning any position in an Emergency Department practice are salary, benefits, and shifts/hours that are required. There are many companies that will offer specific packages addressing these issues, but each one should be examined at an individual level for their merit and application to the practitioner’s needs. The AAENP, neither endorses or denies any individual company or practice. Additional considerations for this new venture are listed below:

Practice Setting

A wide variety of practice settings are available, each with its own unique characteristics, opportunities and benefits. These may include:

-Academic/Tertiary Care Facilities


-Contract Management

-Hospital Employment

-Private Sector

-Single or multiple provider coverage

-Fast Track

-Provider in triage

-Medical Screenings

-Split Flow

-Main Emergency Department

-Urgent or Minor Care

-Free Standing Emergency Center or Urgent Care


Individual Practice Considerations

When entering a contractual relationship with any entity, it is important to review your individual contract and be familiar with all of the included terms and agreements. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to read, review and know your contract in its entirety.  Potential contractual terms and stipulations include:

- Employee with or without benefits versus Independent Contractor (no benefits due to IRS regulations).

- Full Time or Part Time, number of hours




-Productivity based; Patients per hour, RVU (Relative Value Unit), Patient Satisfaction



Additional Benefits:

-Health, Vision, Dental Insurance

-Vacation, Sick Leave (generally not included)

-Holiday Time

-Business Expense Reimbursement (Continuing Education, Equipment, Publications, Software)




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