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February 22, 2019 12:00 PM to February 23, 2019 5:00 PM

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
461 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37240

In Nashville, TN

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Why is certification important?
Certification is a validated mechanism through which an NP is able to demonstrate mastery of professional knowledge in specialty specific competencies. It is used by regulatory bodies, such as state boards of nursing, to ensure that NPs meet requirements to practice as an NP or possess specialty specific knowledge competencies.

For Emergency Nurse Practitioners, there are two options for certification:  certification by examination offered by AANPCB, and certification by portfolio offered by ANCC. Eligibility requirements for both may be found on the organizations’ websites.

I am an FNP and want to become an ENP. What are my options?
You can receive on-the-job training, apply to a post-graduate ENP academic or fellowship program, or begin attending emergency medicine and procedural skills courses to gain additional competencies which may help you qualify for an ED position. Many ED employers also offer special onboarding opportunities that provide on-the-job training for FNPs who lack emergency education.

Why are only FNPs able to take the exam?
The ENP-C exam was developed following an analysis of the essential knowledge, skills and competencies required to provide care to patients across the lifespan and across acuities who present to emergency settings, and also a review of over 20 years of emergency department census data and trends. This evidence-based analysis demonstrated that FNPs who are educated to care for patients across the lifespan possessed the foundational educational preparation. However, given the growing number of patients presenting to EDs with complex chronic medical conditions, the FNP/ENP must possess additional competencies to manage the care of urgent and emergent patients. This is why the FNP is foundational, but that additional education in acute resuscitation and stabilization and initial management of patients with urgent and emergent medical conditions is necessary for ENPs.

Where/how can I get EM education hours for the certification exam?
There are a variety of options to gain emergency specific education. First, there are 8 graduate academic MSN programs and 10 post-graduate fellowship programs in the U.S. (See )

Most academic ENP programs also offer post-master certification options for FNPs to obtain additional didactic knowledge, procedural skill training and clinical experiences in emergency care. Finally, there are excellent procedural skill courses and emergency medicine conferences and boot camps that offer continuing emergency medicine education for NPs. (See

Additionally, the AANPCB has a list of FAQs which provides additional information on opportunities for acquiring emergency education.  This can be found at

What counts as procedure hours?
There are many skills which satisfy “procedural” hours.  This question is answered in detail on the AANPCB site at

 I’m planning to take the new ENP-C exam, but cannot find any study materials.  What can I use to study?
We anticipate that a study course and/or review materials will be forthcoming in the near future. While AAENP does not endorse any materials, the following resources are utilized within graduate ENP educational programs, and may be useful for review.  Note that they are not NP specific. In addition to these references, there is an examination blueprint and description of exam content areas in the ENP Specialty Certification Handbook, which is located on the AANPCB website under the Resources tab. Also, look for a list of references used to validate the ENP examination to be posted by AANPCB.

  • ACEP’s Peer VIII: Physician's Evaluation and Educational Review in Emergency Medicine, Vol 8: Questions and Answers 1st Edition. ISBN: 978-0983428848
  • Harrigan, Ufberg & Tripp’s Emergency Medicine Review: Preparing for the Boards. ISBN: 1416061916
  • McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine Examination and Board Review 7th Edition. ISBN: 978-0071602051
  • McGraw-Hill Intensive Review for the Emergency Medicine Qualifying Examination. ISBN: 978-0071502801

ABOUT FELLOWSHIPS (and post-graduate education)

I am a medical director and would like to develop a residency/fellowship program in my ED for new ENPs. What are the recommended curricular standards? What type of salary is commonly offered during this onboarding period?
Curricular standards are currently under development and will be published at the AAENP website during 2017. One suggestion is to consult with the Association for Post-Graduate APRN Programs (, which offers assistance in structuring specialty specific fellowship programs and assists with the accreditation process. Generally onboarding salaries are 75% of entry-level salaries.

I am a faculty member and would like to develop an emergency NP track at my school of nursing. Where do I go for information about curriculum development?
Contact AAENP to be connected with a member of the Board of Directors who can provide guidance.


What are the benefits to membership?
There are many benefits to AAENP membership:

  • Network of colleagues who understand your unique role and professional needs
  • Free Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal subscription, the official publication of AAENP
  • Support for research
  •  A voice among our emergency care colleagues
  • Various discount offers for members, including on educational offerings, AANP membership and the ENP-C certification exam

How can I find out what is going on or get plugged in within my state or region?
Upcoming events and meetings can be found under the Events tab on the AAENP website at

Contact information for regional directors by state is listed on the AAENP website at

Are NP students allowed to join, and is a discounted rate available?
NP students, interns, residents and fellows are encouraged to join AAENP and get involved. Membership as a student is an excellent way to become politically involved and to develop leadership skills invaluable to our profession. Students also receive a discounted rate with verification of enrollment.  Membership dues are $75 annually while you are in school.  



 How do I advertise my ENP program on the AAENP website? What are the requirements?
AAENP offers both website and eNewsletter options to advertise.  View our ad rates and specifications here:

 I am a medical director and am recruiting for an ENP. How do I advertise on the AAENP website? What are the requirements?
AAENP offers both website and eNewsletter options to advertise. View our ad rates and specifications here:


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